Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Husband Stitch

This post discusses a topic that is not for the easily offended. In my opinion, I actually exercised a lot of restraint, but to some I may have still gone too far. Oh well. Don't read it. 
I debated about sharing this - but I just have to get it out there. Maybe I am hoping that others have a similar experience so I don't feel like such a weird-o?
Tally forth . . .

Dear "Husband Stitch",

You suck.

As the doctors went to work on my 3rd degree lacerations after the delivery of my 10lb 1oz baby girl, in my exhausted stupor I vaguely remember them saying, "Don't worry. We're going to make you BETTER than new."


What is wrong with just new?

What was wrong with me before?

Nothing. I was fine before.

Just make me like I was before, ok?

But I wasn't asked. I was just sewn. Practically shut. Not cool.

Almost 7 months later and I am still having to deal with this. Let me just say that my husband is not a big fan of this so-called "husband stitch". It's more like an ANTI-husband stitch.

Thank God for an awesome O.B. that has a bunch of little tricks up her sleeve.

Little Juniper - someday you will have a little brother or sister. Someday. Just not any time soon. Sorry.

And if you are wondering, yes, this has affected my self-confidence. Along with that, I have been more than discontented with my flabby, stretch-marked (or tiger striped!) body. But, just when I am about to have a major meltdown - I look at my little Juniper. I remember that this body made a baby. Heck, I should amazed by my body! I should give my body a little wink, wink nudge "good job!" I'd do it all over again for that precious little girl. And I just might have to if I want another one. *sigh*

Maybe I should just make a permanent TMI button. What do you think? lol


  1. i think you did real well of getting your point across and not crossing the TMI line.

  2. that's not tmi! free speech is free speech, shout it from the mountains, or the dirt covered hill behind your house. who cares, if you need to express, express. is there a way they can "reverse" the stitch OR maybe you do need to go ahead and have another kid and stretch that thing back out! really, i am trying to be funny here. yes, you are very blessed that you have that little surprise of a miracle. it's funny that anyone we know that is "trying" to have a baby is b/c they are having troubles including ourselves. for those of you that were told by God "it's time", consider yourselves lucky even with all the crap you gotta go through. your body will come back to you, tell it to! love you!

  3. Yikes! I'm so sorry to hear that.
    I hope they are able to take care of things and make it better for you.

  4. When I get down on myself for my body I just look at my son and forget it all. Well most of the time :)



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