Saturday, September 11, 2010


I am allergic to:

Doing the dishes after I have cooked a large meal. (Ok, ok - even after a small, easy meal.)

Running. (The phrase, "I'm exercising. I'm exercising," always repeats in my head over and over again to the rhythm of my canter. And, in the case that you are confused, it is not repeated in a chipper endorphin-infused voice, but rather a voice more similar to that of Eeyore, Pooh's donkey friend. Thanks for noticin' me.) 

Matching socks.

Plain socks.

My husband's explanations of accounting processes.

Hanging up laundry right when I pull it out of the dryer.

Hanging up laundry. (Achoo! I feel it coming on.)

The term "tee tee" when used in reference to urinating.

Watching sports on TV.

NASCAR anything.

Cloth diapers. Kudos to you that can do it. I've tried. I just cannot. Maybe if the stairs to and from my washer and dryer didn't feel like I was scaling a mountain I would be more successful at them.

Lord of The Rings. I can't get into it. I've tried several times bc my husband loves it. But, nope, not happening. In fact, I think for the 2nd movie I went to the opening showing with some friends. I just sat there and heckled it the entire time. I got a lot of angry nerd looks. lol

Animal movies. I'm trying to think of one that I have liked . . . , . . . , . . . Nope, can't think of one.

What are you allergic to?

Inspired by this post from idontbelieveingrammar. I am in <3 with her blog name - even if am an English/Grammar/Writing teacher. I somehow stumbled across her blog and fell in love with it. I see myself in so many of her posts.


  1. this post is soooo good! I understand FULLY. I think there should be a team of OCD'ers who minster specifically to the allergy-disabled....but only if they could keep their thoughts to themselves, doing it in quiet. lolol

  2. i'm am also allergic to almost all of these.
    except i actually like running.....but finding the motivation to actually lace up is the tricky part.
    ....and especially the socks and NASCAR.
    Love this list!



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