Saturday, February 13, 2010

Delicious Demise

So, I'll give you a guess as to what my husband gave me for Valentine's Day. Go on, guess (see previous post for a hint) . . .

If you said Thin Mints, then DING DING DING you're correct! Give yourself a pat on the back. There, now don't you feel good?

Good, because I don't. Oh, he knows me well, but not well enough to keep those things away from me! I do SO LOVE them. Which is why I cannot have them. The fact that I can eat an entire box myself while watching a single episode of The Office is a source for self-loathing.

Oh, Thin Mints. My delicious demise.

And yes, Kat, they (or what is left of them due to some serious self-control) are residing in my freezer. Is there any other way? :)


  1. Happy Saturday Sharefest SITSta!
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  2. Happy Saturday Sharefest SITSta!
    A girl can never have too many Thin Mints! Well, I mean, I know they're not good for you, but they are SO good! I can admi that I can eat a whole box too & have done it :-)

  3. Oh! I haven't eaten a Thin Mint in years! (We don't have those where I live!)

    Greetings from Mexico and Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! :D

  4. Don't know what a thin mint is! (from NZ) :)
    But sounds like they must be good.
    Happy saturday sharefest

  5. do you know how jealous i am right now? i can't beg a girl scout to sell me cookies...can you imagine?
    i think i scarred my niece for life when i found out that she "forgot" to call me to order my thin mint and samoa allotment for the year.
    now i have to hang out at the grocery store in hopes that some scouts are trying to sell of their extras!

  6. Have you ever frozen thing mints before eating them?

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  10. Secret sauce girl here too. Thin mints are going to be my demise.
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    Have a great weekend :)
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  19. The freezer theory works pretty well...however, I've now discovered that frozen cookies taste especially wonderful. Like you, I'm afraid I'm doomed to eat Thin Mints forever! Have a great day!

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  23. Enjoy that beautiful baby and those lovely Thin Mints! I usually order about 20 boxes of various kinds of GS cookies, but this year nobody came around, either at work or at home! I loved reading about your baby's progress...we've just gone through those stages with grandbabies who spend every weekday at our house, now ages 20 months and 35 months (3 yrs old in a couple of weeks). SUCH a great time!

  24. joining you from Friday Follow...and omg I know about the cookies...They are even better dipped in the girl scout thin mint ice cream :)

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  26. I haven't had a frozen thin mint for ages!

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