Monday, February 1, 2010

This Constitutes a "Not Me Monday"

The other day I made some roasted butternut squash for a recipe. Yummy, right? I roasted twice as much squash as the recipe called for and so had the brilliant idea to use it to make some homemade baby food! I'm so trendy. The blender was not really cutting it, so at this point I would never use a rubber spatula to help feed the squash into the blade. Because if I did, the blade would cut up the spatula into tiny bits and then incorporate those rubber bits into the mushed squash rendering it inedible. Who would be so stupid as to do that? Not Me!

While doing a little cleaning-out of my car I discovered a dirty diaper on the dash behind the back seat. It must have been there for over a month - maybe two. Now who would have put a dirty diaper there and then left it? Not Me!

Who is neglecting a fussing baby while writing this blog? Not Me!



  1. Cute post! Love the spatula bit. Been there! -E

  2. Haha, that dirty diaper thing is crazy! hahaha

  3. hi! I'm stopping in 'cause I found you on my followers list and I cannot stop laughing. Out loud. Oh my -the poopy stories alone!
    I'm going to wake up all my sleeping children laughing!
    so thank you -I'll be stopping in again for sure:)

    (Oh and I too have let a spatula get chewed up in the baby veggies...pretty sure I dug the bits out and still fed it to her. Is that bad?)

  4. Happy SITS Sharefest Saturday.

  5. love the not me monday theme!
    stopping by from Sits Saturday Sharefest!

  6. Gosh, that brings back a few memories!

    Thanks for coming by my blog. To answer your question about outwork, I have been really blessed with a job from my brother in law, making up sample cards for the company he works for. It doesn't use any teaching skills, but is just great for a SAHM!

  7. My husband has melted a couple of our spatulas by leaving them in hot pots on the stovetop. He's gifted like that. ; )



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