Thursday, December 24, 2009

Facebook Posts During Mommyhood

FB posts from when Juniper was born until the beginning of this blog:
Oct 3 7:05pm

Lindsay Peterson is a mom! It was a very difficult delivery and it will be a while before I am back to my emotional and physical self. However, I have the MOST BEAUTIFUL and PRECIOUS baby girl and I am feeling VERY blessed! Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers!

Oct 4 12:31pm

Lindsay Peterson "Breastfeeding: every little suck a little success." I think I'm later going to write a memoir about this craziness and use that as the title of one of the chapters. I reserve the right to amend it to "This Sucks Because She Won't"

Oct 7 1:46am

My baby has become such a good eater!!!!!!! She has gone from not eating for 2 days straight, losing 2lbs and screaming non-stop to now being the best little sucker in town! God is so good and mommy and baby are so happy! Ladies, use the resources av...ailable to you. Don't allow you and your baby to suffer. Going to a lactation consultant is the best thing I could have done! Praise God!!!!!
Oct 9 1:43am

So, it turns out my daughter's "wake time" is from around 10pm to 3am. About midnight she starts alternating 10 minutes of feeding and 10 minute naps. I basically keep holding her until she starts fussing to feed again. Fun times. Wish I had a DVR.

Oct 11 12:33am

Lindsay Peterson is very blessed :)

Oct 12 2:45am

Lindsay Peterson loves that Juniper's default face is a smile. :) I pray she always stays this happy!

Oct 13 2:43am

So, baby girl was awake from 8:30pm to 2:30 am. Seriously? Is this normal for a 12-day-old? I'm exhausted.

Oct 14 2:51pm

Erik with his hand on my belly: "Does it feel different?" Me starting to cry: "It feels useless and fat and empty. It's not special anymore." Erik: "It's still special. It's just in hibernation." :)

Oct 15 8:52pm

My husband takes such good care of me :) I love him!

Oct 21 7:09pm

I need to be more disciplined about this nap thing so I don't hate myself @ 3 in the morning.

Oct 23 7:18am

With Juniper in the house there is another person for me to blame whenever I pass gas. It was getting difficult always trying to convince Erik it was him.

Oct 24 1:07pm

Lindsay Peterson is wearing a cabbage bra.

Oct 25 4:50pm

Lindsay Peterson bought a crib sheet instead of a changing pad cover. Doh! I HATE when I do that!

Oct 26 4:38pm

The past few days Juniper has refused to sleep in her crib. I am thanking God right now for her swing!

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