Thursday, December 24, 2009

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Oct. 27 9:56pm

So, I think my daughter may be lactose-intolerant like her father. We seem to have a bad night every time I have dairy. :(

Oct 28 12:06pm

Doctor mandated inactivity is really doing a number on my already weak knees. How can I work out my legs w/o moving my bum? It hurts to just bend my knees, let alone walk or stand up from the couch with an infant in my arms. Arg.

Oct 28 8:34pm

What makes babies smell so sweet?

Oct 31 8:10pm

Erik made a Delicious meal tonight! Guiness brats w/ onions and cabbage w/ potatoes. Yummmmmmm! Looking forward to the chocolate chip pumpkin bread we made. :) This year for Halloween we are going as Domestics.

Nov 1 9:57pm

Lindsay Peterson actually felt like a normal person today! We went to church, lunch with friends and a trip to the mall! :) . . . and now my stitches hurt.

Nov 2 10:38pm

Kirkland's diapers from Costco = Massive FAIL!!!!!!

Nov 3 7:04pm

Lindsay Peterson thinks Juniper ate an entire pumpkin from the looks of what was in her diaper. She filled one diaper to capacity then filled a second one while still on the changing table and continued to go as I was trying to catch it all w/ half a container of wipes. Poor Elmo diaper never had a chance. However, no leaks! Hooray for Pampers!!!

Nov 6 2:45pm

Lindsay Peterson is so thankful that Juniper slept 6 1/2 hours last night! Also, we went to Sam's Club and I wore her in my Maya wrap and she did so well! She only fussed at the end when she woke up from her nap and could not stretch her legs. She likes to stretch.

Nov 6 9:30pm

Lindsay Peterson thoroughly enjoyed Juniper's dancing during family worship tonight. Of course, it only lasted about 7 minutes before she fussed and pooped and then went to sleep - but it was so cute while it lasted!

Nov 7 1:46pm

Lindsay Peterson loves my sleeping girl! Another 6 hours last night - woohoo!

Nov 8 7:27pm

Lindsay Peterson walked in to Juniper's nursery thinking she was lying in bed fussing, but found her happily talking to herself and squealing. Hmm, I guess having conversations with oneself is hereditary.

Nov 10 11:03am

Lindsay Peterson Today I actually found myself thinking, "Hmm, a Slanket would be really convenient right now." I know - it scared me, too!

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