Thursday, December 24, 2009

FB Posts While Pregnant

Apparently FB didn't save my posts from Jan. - June (or I just can't find them.) Grrr. Oh well. Here are the posts from July on:
July 14 3:41pm

Why am I exhausted by EVERYTHING today?! At least there is a marathon of Jonas on Disney Channel. Ya, I am.

July 14 9:14pm

Lindsay Peterson is sad that her life is too "grown-up" at the moment to accommodate a midnight showing of Harry Potter. :(

July 20 8:36am

Droppin' Mema off at the airport. Gonna be a full day when I get home. I have dubbed Mondays - Floor Days! I will probably add an additional day when they baby starts crawling (or just do them every day.)

July 20 11:13am

Lindsay Peterson had such a great time at my baby shower this weekend! Thank you to all the lovely ladies who were involved that made is so special! See you all this Sunday at the big CityChurch/Missionary Baptist softball face-off!

July 22 12:45pm

Lindsay Peterson just ordered the baby bedding! So cute! Pictures will follow when it arrives!

July 22 6:31pm

Pickles are a common snack of pregnant women, right? So, why are they giving me acid reflux?

July 26 7:57am

Lindsay Peterson is slowly coming to the realization that there will soon be a child that is using Erik and me as examples of how to live and grow. I guess I should be used to the concept of being an example, seeing that I am a teacher - but I always took comfort in knowing that it is the parents that do most of the ireparble damage. Now I am that parent!

July 26 8:59pm

so tired

July 27 8:10am

Waiting for the stores to open so I can get some things done. It's frustrating when I wake up early to start my day but no one in Asheville is starting it with me - so I have to sit and wait. Can't even enjoy a cup of coffee. Le sigh.

July 27 9:44am

On-line shopping (in moderation and with wisdom and self-control) is a marvelous thing! I have gotten so many things that I need for my baby! (I hope I don't change my tune when my packages start arriving this week.)

July 29 3:01pm

Why is it when I am staying home and excited about a package that will arrive today that the mail is HOURS later than it normally arrives? I AM STILL WAITING!!!!!!!! getting seriously frustrated

July 31 11:20am

It is amazing how lethargic rain makes me.

July 31 5:37pm

Hosting a small tea/brunch for some neighborhood ladies tomorrow so am doing some prep cooking for it. It is going to be sooooooo yummy! I can't wait!

Aug 2 11:32pm

Reservations continue to come in at the Peterson bed & breakfast. I smile with a sigh. :)

Aug 3 12:05am

Not excited about going to sleep. With one month to go, bedtime has become a constant quest for comfort. argh. I think I'll just stay up until I drop.

Aug 5 4:23pm

It's raining; it's pouring. The pregnant lady's been snoring - for about 3 hours!

Aug 6 12:09pm

Prayer and just putting yourself out there really does pay off sometimes. We have a full weekend starting tonight!

Aug 6 4:35pm

Made some coconut-pineapple squares. Mmmmm. And they are a Paula Deen recipe so, yes, there are 2 sticks of butter. (I even toasted my own pineapple bc I'm awesome.)

Aug 7 5:08am

Acid Reflux at 4am. Had spaghetti at a friend's house and knew I would pay for it later. Tums, milk and sitting up. Any other suggestions?

Aug 7 12:27pm

Wake-up, oh sleeper, and rise from the dead. So, I'm wondering if these 3 hour naps are normal at this point in pregnancy.

Aug 7 1:45pm

Lindsay Peterson can't leave my house bc there is an agitated yellow jackets' nest right by my driver's side door. Could I really crawl my pregnant self through the passenger side of the car when I have a hard time just getting up from the couch? Anyone want to come rescue me?

Aug 9 12:10pm

Lindsay Peterson is taking apart and moving everything out of the baby's room so my father-in-law can Spackle, sand and paint the walls. It is hurting my mommy instincts to have to take apart everything I so lovingly put together. :'( So hard.

Aug 10 2:01pm

Father-in-law incoming in t-minus 60 minutes. Trying to enjoy the last hour with the house to myself. Wish I could nap - but need to mop and straighten up. Also wish my allergies weren't going nuts-o from all the standing water in our flooded ex...tra room and wish I had the energy/ability to do something about it other than just sit here and suffer until someone comes and takes care of it. Sigh.

Aug 11 10:21am

My father-in-law and I are having a silent fight over the placement of the soap dispenser. I prefer it to conveniently be right next to the faucet. Apparently, he prefers it to be at the back of the counter since is seems to have traveled back there ...every time I walk into the bathroom. Why?! This causes water to be dripped all over my counter as your hands traverse the distance between the faucet and the dispenser.

Aug 12 2:11am

Up with acid reflux. Dang raspberry tea.

Aug 13 2:36pm

Lindsay Peterson scheduled a pre-natal massage and intensive pedicure for next week. Hooray!

Aug 14 6:26pm

I am considering naming my child Shaquante'. There's an accent on the 'e' bc it is French. (I was informed of this by a former student with the same name.) Strange - in all my trips to Paris and my study of the French language and... culture I have never come across this name. I learn so much from my students.
Aug 15 8:42pm

Erik refuses to shave my legs for me. What a selfish jerk! Doesn't a pregnant lady get any pity? Gosh.

Aug 16 10:10pm

Lindsay Peterson is relieved to NOT be starting school tomorrow! Mwahahahaha!!!!!!!! :-P

Aug 17 8:00am

Lindsay Peterson saw a 2 or 3 point buck in our backyard last night about 1am while I was on one of my many nightly bathroom visits. It glowed silver in the moonlight. For a moment I thought I was looking at Harry Potter's patronus! Very cool.

Aug 19 8:36am

Lindsay Peterson
is about to head out to my maternity massage and pedicure! So excited! I totally earned it yesterday. 7 hours of errands and shopping has left me feeling soar like no other physical activity ever has! I guess I should listen when they say pregnant la...dies should take it easy - especially in their 9th month. Lesson learned! :)

Aug 20 9:29am

Lindsay Peterson
is taking it easy today. Short grocery trip, mop baby's room and begin to re-assemble it. If I call the children's consignment shop and they've gotten in a co-sleeper, I will run out - but only for that. Otherwise, my butt is staying p lanted on this couch where it longs to be - per orders of one Erik Peterson. Good man.
Aug 20 1:12pm

Is it weird that even though I am pregnant I hate watching those baby story shows? I would much rather watch stand-up comedy.

Aug 22 9:07am

Hooray for Saturday morning Infomercials! I am once again sold on "Your Baby Can Read." Totally saving up for it.

Aug 23 9:15pm

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! There is MOLD in my house!!!!!! I told them! I TOLD THEM!!!!!!!! but no one listens to the crazy pregnant lady! Now I am SICK, I cannot see out of my left eye, my baby is going to come home to air filled with mold spores a...nd I AM FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Gotta give it up to him, though - dear husband is working VERY hard to rid us of this mess ASAP.

Aug 25 6:24am

Note to Self: 2 bean and cheese burritos after 10pm = ridiculous acid reflux all night.

Aug 27 10:20am

SO GLAD THAT IS OVER!!!!!!!! Stomach bug during pregnancy = miserable, miserable, MISERABLE!!!!!!! The really fun thing is that all of the strange noises produced by my belly while sick freaks out the baby and makes her move a lot! Imagine having foo...d poisoning and then have a little leprechaun come along and use your intestines as punching bags and your stomach as a trampoline. You get the picture.

Aug 29 11:41am

Maalox is my new best friend. Relief from 10pm to 6am. Heaven!

Aug 31 10:49am

Doc says baby's head is really low, I am 2cm and it is very unlikely she will go past term. Better get ready! Due date is the 16th!

Sept 3 9:49am

Mmmm, Eggo waffle with Nutella and banana. Slap that in a cookbook and label it delicious.

Sept 6 4:02pm

Lindsay Peterson is soooooo pregnant. *grooooooaaaaaan*

Sept 10 8:28pm

I need a good rationalization for why it would be okay for me to buy Rock Band for Wii - Beatles addition when I have a baby due any day now. Any suggestions?

Sept 12 11:35am

Are there any studies on the affect of laptop computers on unborn children? I was just thinking that I usually sit with the computer on my pregnant belly. Will my baby come out with 3 arms or missing a brain lobe?

Sept 12 7:59pm

Oh, Mr. Braxton Hicks - you are a cruel tease. Come back when you want to get serious. I have no patience for your foolery.

Sept 14 2:03pm

Lindsay Peterson is 4cm and practically crushing her cranium with my thighs. You should see my waddle. Common baby!

Sept 15 11:29am

So, why has the world not stopped to realize that I am ridiculously and miserably pregnant? There are still capable walkers parking in the closest parking spots. The very thing I need is still way on the other side of the store. The places I want foo......d from still will not deliver. To me, at this moment, the world is very inconsiderate.
Sept 16 11:22am

waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting . . . . . . . .

Sept 16 8:32pm

Today is the due date. Only 5% of babies are born on their due date. *Sigh*

Sept 17 11:49am

Lindsay Peterson just went to Waffle House and couldn't fit into the booth! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Sept 20 4:33pm

Lindsay Peterson just woke up from a nap with my throat on fire! Pregnancy has made me a champion snorer. Champion!

Sept 20 9:05pm

Let me describe bliss: French onion dip w/ wavy chips, old-fashioned Gummi Worms, and Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Emmys. Yes.

Sept 21 3:51pm

It has been raining non-stop here for days. I'm contemplating building an ark. What this means, though, is I can't get out and walk. So . . . . . I think I'm going to look up an old Sweatin' to the Oldies video and get my groove on. That might work, right?

Sept 22 12:11am

Lindsay Peterson has to keep reminding myself that the only person who stays perpetually pregnant is Joe's wife Bonnie on the Family Guy. This will end . . . sometime.

Sept 23 1:37pm

Lindsay Peterson just got stung by a hornet! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY????????!!!!!!!!!

Sept 24 12:30pm

Lindsay Peterson just had a marvelous pedicure and a cute haircut. Ok, baby. I'm all pretty. You can come now!

Sept 25 8:24am

Lindsay Peterson had a dream last night that I was in a pro-Obama musical and we were singing "Don't Be Tardy for the Party." I also dreamed that I could make out all the features of the baby through my stomach and she was looking up at me and all I could say to her was, "Get out!"

Sept 25 8:09pm

Lindsay Peterson is going out to dinner to celebrate our last Friday w/o a child and the beginning of Erik's paternity leave.

Sept 28 6:34am

This time tomorrow I will be headed to the hospital to be induced, hooray! However, I really wish she would come on her own today.

Sept 28 9:30pm

Inducing this baby in the morning! We would really appreciate your prayers. I am super nervous!

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