Saturday, January 2, 2010

Movie? What Movie? I payed $10 to stand in the hall.

I have been so proud to have a baby that does so well in movies. We have been to 4 where she either sleeps through the whole thing or sits and quietly watches. She cried once during Avatar bc it was so dang loud! I just took her to where she could see my face in the light. That calmed her down and we were able to return to our seat. She even swayed back and forth on my lap when the creatures on the screen were swaying. Then she fell back to sleep.
But, the times they are a-changin' (thanks B Dylan.) Last night we decided to go see the new George Clooney movie that everyone has been saying is so good - Up In The Air. I got Juniper dressed in a cute new outfit - which she promptly spit up all over 3xs. At this point I always have a decision to make: wipe it up and let her smell like puke but look super cute or change her clothes and chance her puking on the second outfit, too. I chose to let her smell like puke - bad mommy, I know. But she was so darn cute!
As I had hoped, she fell asleep in the car on the way to the movie. However, it was so windy and cold outside that, despite my attempts to keep her covered with a blanket, she woke up, pushed back from me and stuck her tongue out to feel the wind - I don't know why she does this. Maybe I should try it. Maybe the wind feels really good on the tongue. Or tastes good. Kinda gross, though, huh?
We had arrived at the movie super early bc Erik was convinced it would be packed. We were the only ones in the theater until about 3 minutes before the movie started. Juniper sat quietly in my lap enjoying the music that was playing. Then the lights went out and I realized that we had wasted her contented time on the 45 minutes of sitting in the theater before the movie.
Junie has become a lot more demanding of my attention of late. She wants to be looked at, talked to, held and sung to much more often then she cared to before. She's also become a better cuddler - but not last night. She started to make grunting fussy noises. I popped a bottle into her mouth but she wasn't having it. I handed her to Erik and told him to take her out.
I sat back in my seat, ate a handful of popcorn, sipped some Sprite and enjoyed the movie - for about 15 minutes (Erik says 30 minutes, but he's wrong.) To the complaint of the two over-sized women on who's toes I stepped on my way out, I decided to go relieve Erik of our fussy baby so he could go in to watch the movie.  I found Erik in the hallway holding a baby that was wide awake and loving the attention.
He went into the movie and Juniper promptly spit-up on me. She did this 5 more times. Every time I would try to pop into the back of the theater to get a glimpse of the movie she would spit up and then fuss. I would have to go into the hallway to try and find where on me and her the spit-up was residing. It was clear that her stomach was upset - and this was probably my fault. I had fed her some formula that was past the expiration date. The can says to throw out the formula a month after it has been opened. I think I was pushing two. In my defense, since I rarely use formula I would be throwing away a barely used can if I threw it away after a month and that is a lot of money and I am just sure that they put that expiration on the can so it forces people to buy more formula more frequently than they need to like those razors with the fading blue strips and oil changes . . . I'm a bad person. I really hope no one calls CPS after reading this blog.
My movie experience consisted of pacing, puking, and peeking at portions of the film. (I like alliterations.) Erik apparently didn't get this whole "switching-off" thing. He says that every time I stepped into the movie he would look back at me and makes eyes that were supposed to be asking if I wanted him to switch with me - but how was I supposed to see that?!
There was nowhere to sit in the hallway and my arms and my legs and my patience was getting tired of holding this fussy baby that would not be consoled. It was obvious that she was tired but she was refusing to let me cradle her and try to put her to sleep. I couldn't even be sneaky about it - she knew what I was trying to do and would look me in the eyes and let loose some really mad crying.
I was at my wit's end and was about to walk into the theater with a crying baby and yank out my seemingly neglectful husband so we could go home when all of a sudden her head dropped onto my arm. I looked at her and her eyes were closed. Upon a pulse check I realized that she had fussed herself to sleep. Finally, I would be able to watch the movie. I stepped into the theater and here comes Erik up the isle with all of our stuff to come rescue me and take us all home. LOL. I looked at him and said I could have used him an hour ago. He apologized and he is forgiven.
We sat down and watched the last 20 minutes. As we left the theater, I looked at Erik and said, "So, was it good?"

Highlight of the night: I was standing in the back of the theater when I woman returned from a potty break. She walked up to us and, without asking, reached out to rub Juniper's arm. She stuck her hand right in a big glob of puke! HAHAHAHA! I enjoyed that - and I didn't apologize.

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